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Existing Aircraft Noise

Aircraft engine noise is a significant by-product of airport operations and can be a constraint on airport expansion. It was noted whereby departures from Runway 12 were the most frequent occurrence resulting in elevated noise levels at Grand Port Royal Harbour Hotel, and the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), which is expected since they are in close proximity. When an aircraft is departing and ascending it employs roughly 70% thrust power (depending on the weight/load of the aircraft), therefore noise levels would be at their highest during ascent. Grand Port Royal Harbour Hotel is in the direct departure flight path after an aircraft departs from Runway 12 and makes the right turn to loop around and head in a north north-westerly direction.
Three (3) scenarios were modelled:
  • Existing scenario (82 daily flight operations)
  • Future Baseline High (123 daily flight operations)
  • Future Vision 2030 scenario (180 daily flight operations)
  • Under existing conditions (82 daily flight operations), the airport noise contour is below the 55 the day-night average sound level (LDN) level and does not affect any population centres around the airport.
  • The existing noise analysis also shows that the 75 LDN level contour is 95% contained within the airport boundary as recommended by ICAO and FAA criteria.
  • A small portion (5%) of this 75 LDN contour extends to the Port Royal Main Road.
  • According to the Future Baseline High scenario, the 55 LDN noise contour extends to Port Henderson, affecting 560 people.
  • According to the Future Vision 2030 scenario, the 55 LDN noise contour extends to Port Henderson, affecting 8,474 people.

Existing LDN Noise Contours for the NMIA (82 Daily Flights)

Future Baseline High Scenario LDN Noise Contours for the NMIA (123 Daily Flights)


Two (2) noise mitigation strategies for departures from Runway 30 (when traffic and aircraft operational conditions permit), are recommended:

  • Reduced Thrust Settings
  • Noise Abatement departures to the west